MAAT / Rio Tejo

MAAT or, Museum for Art, Architecture and Technology opened it’s doors on October 5th 2016.

London-based AL_A designed the building for a site on the edge of the Tagus River in Lisbon’s Belém district. Covered in 15,000 white, three-dimensional ceramic tiles, the building boasts a wavelike form that connects its rooftop terrace with the waterside promenade. From the terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of the river Tejo and the Ponte de 25 Abril bridge.

The tiles change color during the day and depending on the amount of sunlight reflected.

The MAAT also occupies the recently renovated Central Tejo power station next door.The red brick former thermoelectric plant closed its doors in 1975, but has now been converted into gallery space and hosts for instance the yearly World Press Photo exhibit.