Cabo da Roca

“Here…where the land ends and the sea begins.” was how Camões described Cabo da Roca in his famous book ‘Os Lusíadas’. The site is located in Sintra and it is the most Western point of Continental Europe.

It is approximately a 40 minute drive from Lisbon, and about halfway on the road from Sintra to Cascais. You can also take a bus from either Cascais or Sintra. The site is open to visitors and has a breathtaking view of both the ocean and the Serra de Sintra Natural Park. There are also a lighthouse, a memorial stone with the words of Camões, a restaurant and a shop for souvenirs. For those who will go there towards the end of the day, it is worth staying to enjoy the sunset.

The cape is 150 meters above the ocean and is quite windy, so dress warmly no matter the time of year you visit. It is also advised to be extremely careful visiting areas outside the fence, on the paths created by the more daring visitors. We know it can seem that the photos look better on the other side of the fence, but it is not worth the risk. Unfortunately some accidents have already happened there, so please be careful.

Cabo da Roca is definitely very touristic, busloads of tourists are unloaded there every day. But most of them go up to the monument, take a few selfies and leave again. So you can easily get away from the crowds by following the trails in either direction. But once again, do mind the barriers. There is also a hiking trail of about 10 kms into the mountains for the active ones amongst us.