Lagos is a historic and lively city that is situated on the beautiful Western Algarve coastline. As a holiday destination, Lagos offers visitors glorious beaches, buzzing nightlife and a charming historic centre, which has retained its traditional character and charm. The historic centre is surrounded by the ancient Moorish walls and overlooks the pretty harbour estuary. Within the city centre there is an extensive selection of restaurants and the nightlife is equally as varied, with small sociable bars through to late night banging nightclubs. The nightlife attracts a lot of youngsters from all over Europe, but mainly from England, who come to Algarve for binge-drinking holidays.

Lagos has some of the finest beaches of southern Portugal and within walking distance of the town are already wonderful beaches. Meia Praia is the largest beach of the region and is a vast sandy beach that extends for 4km from Lagos. Praia Dona Ana and Praia do Pinhão are beautiful small beaches that are surrounded by sandstone cliffs and provide crystal clear bathing waters. The pretty Praia da Batata beach is located at the mouth of the estuary and overlooks the little fort. Praia do Estudante is also a nice little gem. A little bit further from the town, Praia do Camelo is worth checking out.

The sheer number of varied beaches within the vicinity of Lagos means that, even at the height of the summer, space can be easily found for a relaxing day under the glorious sun. Visitors are often surprised by extremely cold water temperatures in the Algarve, which are driven by the Atlantic Ocean rather than the warmer Mediterranean Sea.



And I found out Lagos actually has a thriving street art scene! So if you’re in Lagos and taking a break from the beach, I highly recommend you take a walk around the city and look out for the artworks these artists have left behind. Very cool stuff indeed – it’s a nice way to explore the city, though prepare to do a fair bit of walking. Cycling might not be a bad idea as well so you cover more ground more quickly.

A lot of it is due to the good folk of LAC, which stands for Laboratório de Actividades Criativas and they run a yearly residency programme called ARTURb, (short for Artistas Unidos Em Residência or United Artists in Residence) which invites a small international group of street artists to come together in Lagos to create and exhibit their works.