Panorâmico de Monsanto

A fascinating, completely abandoned building with breathtaking view over the city. That’s the Monsanto panoramic restaurant.

Once significant, now for more than a decade an completely abandoned building, Restaurante Panorâmico de Monsanto is a place with special spirit. Nowadays, you can only guess by the well designed shape of walls and stairs how amazingly the interiors might have looked like with decorations made by famous Portuguese artists (some of the panels and other components still visible). The building is full of shattered glass, graffiti and also some trash, yet still offers a truly extraordinary experience.

You can quite safely enter all the rooms (just be careful to not go to the elevator shaft!) and even the rooftop with amazing view over the whole of Lisbon.

Note: There are actually two rooftops – one is easily accesible by the stairs, another one is on the top of the building. If you want to go there, be prepared for two things: 1) you will have to climb through the hole in the ceiling which is about two metres in height  2) there might be a lot of water on the top if it rained in the last days, so stay on the elevated circles on the roof and be extremely careful (there is no rail at all).

But the atmosphere is definitely not only about the rooftop – explore the whole area, notice for example the painted description of places which you can see from the room with 360° view, listen to the sound of water dripping from the ceilings and have a look to the underground area connected with the glasshouse nearby. There is a lot to see, just take your time and explore the whole place  without rushing anywhere.

Theoretically, it is prohibited to go inside the restaurant, since the police is guarding the building and the area around. So even though you decide to give it a try, be prepared for the possibility that there will be a guard and you won’t be able to enter. But actually the guards are not there all the time and if you are lucky, you will be able to get inside through one of the holes in the fence (one is just to the right from the gate) and enjoy an undisturbed stay allowing you to explore the whole building and its surroundings.