What happens when a Dutch illustrator decides to pack up her stuff and move to Portugal? On this blog where I will be sharing my adventures, you will find out. What things will I run into trying to settle and build a life here? Will I fall in love with Lisbon or will I miss Amsterdam too much in the end? I will try to share it all with you and since I’m better with visuals than with words, it will be mostly through pictures. Hopefully they will say it all.

However, don’t expect pretty selfies in teadresses and reviews of cute little coffeeshops. I’m not that kind of girl. I moved to Portugal mainly to surf more, so expect reviews of all the best surf spots, hiking trails and other adventurous shenanigans. Of course I won’t skip all my favourite spots in Lisbon and all the other cities wort a visit in this beautiful country.

Join me on my trips discovering Lisbon, the region, the country and eventually also the islands.